OECD Anti-Spam Toolkit

"... Spam, once a mere nuisance, has become a serious problem for individuals and businesses alike. As much as 80% of e-mails circulating on the internet are estimated to be spam, and the threat is spreading to other technologies such as mobile phones and instant messaging services. Besides clogging networks and facilitating the spread of viruses or fraudulent schemes, spam is a major factor in undermining trust in the Internet, thus slowing the growth of the digital economy.

To support the development of an inclusive and coherent answer to the spam issue, the OECD, through its ad hoc Spam Task Force, has launched an Anti-Spam “Toolkit” as the first step in a broader initiative to help policy makers, regulators and industry players orient their policies relating to spam solutions and restore trust in the Internet and e-mail.

The OECD Anti-Spam Toolkit is available as a PDF document (PDF 932.5Kb) or as a user-friendly e-book (html):

- Anti-Spam Toolkit of Recommended Policies and Measures - Executive Summary ..."

Quelle: www.oecd-antispam.org

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